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Automatic tracking

Automatic workout tracking

You lift, we track. RepOne is smart enough to count sets and reps automatically, recording dozens of datapoints about each.

3D motion sensing

3D motion sensing*

RepOne’s inductive sensor monitors motion in full 3d space, so you can track barbell movements, jump trajectory, and much more. *Coming in a free firmware update.

Accuracy at all angles

Astounding accuracy

RepOne’s tether is vastly more accurate than wearables or camera systems, and 3D sensing means angles and lateral movement don't fool it.

Easy setup

Easy magnetic setup

Set up in 5 seconds. RepOne’s magnetic base clamps securely to a plate or rack, and the tether attaches to the object you're tracking via strap or roller magnet.

A month of battery

A month of battery

You read that right: RepOne can run for a week continuously, or up to a month if turned off between sessions--so you don’t have to charge it every time you use it.

Guaranteed durability

Durability, guaranteed

RepOne technology has been taking a beating in real gyms around the world for years. We’re so confident it will last, you get free repairs for a year.

RepOne Personal App

Free workout tracking for individual athletes

RepOne Personal

Connect to a single motion sensor via bluetooth on your mobile device.

See extended set metrics in real time while you lift.

Auto-track workouts with smart set and rep detection.

Track progression through a detailed history view.

Calculate maxes with our cutting-edge 1RM algorithm.

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StrengthOS for Teams

Connect and automate your entire gym

RepOne Personal

Smart workout stations deliver your programs to every station.

Guided autoregulation keeps athletes in your target ranges.

Design velocity-based workouts with our powerful program builder.

Team-scale VBT individualizes your workouts automatically.

Keep athletes focused with auto-tracking and guidance.

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Unmatched value

RepOne 3D Motion Sensor

RepOne 3D Motion Sensor

No other high-accuracy VBT device comes close to RepOne’s price point, and none are capable of 3D motion tracking. Compatible with RepOne Personal and StrengthOS.


  • Velco strap
  • USB-C charging cable
  • Protective drawstring bag

Estimated backlog of ~8wks, orders ship first come first served


StrengthOS for Teams

The world’s most powerful autoregulated program builder, plus a full athlete management system all in one, for serious teams and trainers.

Preorder bonuses:

  • Prioritized hardware shipment when you add StrengthOS
  • One free month of service, or two with annual plan

Note: Requires a RepOne sensor and iPad Mini 2 or later at each workout station

RepOne 3D Motion Sensor

Roller Magnet Upgrade

The quickest way to attach your tether to a barbell, this neodymium roller magnet always stays at the bottom of the barbell where it belongs.

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Between programs ao building out a velocity profile for my snatch and clean this week. . I start at 75% and work my way up by 5% taking 1-2 trials at each weight, finishing at 95-100%. . Starting at 75% doesn’t give me as many data points but it doesn’t make me change the movement while receiving. Starting too light would make me have to muscle or power the bar to complete it without slowing down. . In a squat I’d start closer to 50% and work up, but a lighter squat does not make me alter the positioning so is appropriate. . I’ll use these velocity numbers to base my training for the next block, replacing all percentages or RM’s. . If you want to get to testing VBT pick up a @reponestrength at the LINK IN BIO ($25 off!). . #vbt #velocitybasedtraining #olympiclifts #oly #weightlifting #usaw #mastersweightlifting #snatch #cleanandjerk

A post shared by Wil Fleming (@wilfleming) on

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68/88 for complexes🥴 @wilfleming @1kilo.wl #1kiloweightlifting #indianaweightlifting

A post shared by Maddie Roggy (@maddieroggy59) on

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As we finished up with @sagreeney last week, we were in a power phase getting him ready to throw rocketballz this year. - - I love using the @reponestrength to measure bar speed when going through a power phase. Providing measurable feedback to someone as competitive as Shane creates even more intent than he already has. - - The first week he did Landmine Deadlift to Shoulder Press he was around 1.25 m/s, and as you heard in this video he got up to 1.52 m/s using the same weight. - - So we can clearly see improvement with the speed increasing instead of just doing more weight. @rev_sp

A post shared by Barrett Stover (@barrett_stover) on

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A little action from @cameroncilurzo session yesterday. We are looking at a little highlight from this lineman’s peaking phase. The goal is to create as much power as possible and move as fast as possible. Fortunately, I have my @reponestrength unit to tell me exactly how fast we are moving the barbell. #sportperformance #football #nashville #franklintn #oline #cscs #velocitybasedtraining #chadwicksathlete

A post shared by Major Tripp (@the_major_tripp) on

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Feels pretty good to have some purpose to training again. Feels like I’ve.. filled out the equipment a bit since March, so today’s deadlift was a bit slower than I had hoped. Alas, it moved pretty ok, and by the end of backoffs I had the ‘snap’ back in the ol pulls. Let’s see how it all goes!⁣ ⁣ • Equipment: @titanpower81⁣⁣⁣ + @strongarmsport⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ • Coach: @miketuchscherer⁣⁣⁣ • Hype: @obsidian_ammonia⁣⁣ ‘THEKRABSHARK’⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ • Nutrition: @marcwmorris

A post shared by Bryce Krawczyk (@bryce_cbb) on

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It’s been a while for updates, issues with instagram crashing ... 😒 anyways, we are looking at some contrast training for incoming freshman Vandy swim @ella.platek and UT Chatt football @cameroncilurzo . We are getting to the final days before classes get started and both athletes are just about ready to get in with their respected teams. Both have really put in the work this summer. I’m excited to see what the future holds for them! #contrasttraining #sportperformance #swimtraining #football #oline #chadwicksathlete @reponestrength @keiserfitness

A post shared by Major Tripp (@the_major_tripp) on

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260kg x5 at 6.5 0 adductor discomfort which is a massive win. Technique is a little rusty still. My lockout timing could have been better and positioning felt slightly off. Just added the @reponestrength tracker to my training. Looking forward to be gaining some extra data by comparing my RPE with velocity which I think will work well with tracking E1RM's. Shout out to @lift_ng for letting me use his tracker for my training moving forward. Felt good boss @ross_rts @dangodeassiphysio body is feeling better! #teamRTS #reactivetrainingsystems #melbournestrengthculture #emergingstrategies #repone #velocity #rpe #datagains #thebarbellmovement

A post shared by Adam Jones (@adam.tbm) on

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On the last day of #teambromaha team training camp, I lifted numbers that I haven’t touched in years. . . You could say I’m kind of excited about it 😬 . . A huge thanks to my coach @coachblanco for, yet again, going above and beyond for his athletes. @tschuster11 @siera.loves.cake and I are so unbelievably grateful that you could come out to Omaha to run a training camp. 🏋🏻‍♀️ . . #usaweightlifting #garagegymlife #usaw #snatch #cleanandjerk #olympicweightlifting #brooklynbarbell #teambromaha #omahafitness #omahanebraska #weightliftingcommunity #reponestrength @reponestrength

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All three lifts cooking to start this block off. 290/640 before the rest of the SBD day. - @brazosvalleybarbell @sbd.usa @reponestrength - For powerlifting coaching inquiries, fill out the questionnaire on my website. - #brazosvalleybarbell

A post shared by David Woolson (@davidwoolson) on

Frequently asked questions

Is there a monthly fee to use the RepOne service?

The RepOne Personal app is completely free to use. We charge a monthly subscription for coaches who purchase our StrengthOS system to train multiple athletes and sync their data to a single coaching account.

Is the RepOne app compatible with my mobile device?

If you are an individual planning to use the free RepOne Personal app, you can find it on both iOS and Android app stores. If you are a coach outfitting your gym with the StrengthOS system, you'll need an iPad with iOS 12 or later at each training station.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, just check out with a RepOne product to see the shipping options for your address. Be aware that there may be import fees charged by customs at the time of delivery if you are receiving the items outside of the United States.

How long will it take for my order to get to me?

There is a roughly 8 week turnaround time, which will be reduced over time. We ship in order of purchase, so the earlier you purchase the earlier you will receive your unit.